Hello everyone today let us meet the all-new Honda CRV.


The front end looks stunning and aggressive. It has got tremendous road presence all the lights including tail lamps or LED lights even the interior lights are LED types. The car has got excellent or odd presence. We can see the chrome friendly and other aspects like full LED headlights with auto on/off feature. It has got auto rain sensing wipers as well you can see the 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheel. The wheel is two thirty five sixty r18 sighs.


I mean the tire size you can see the chrome side cladding and window inserts. Once again the car looks great especially from this angle you can see claddings all around the car has got auto keyless entry. Just keep your hand behind the hand. Grab catoca we get unlocked and also it will get locked the moment you walk away from the car automatically.


You can see the chakra type mandala and the roof rails the roof rails can't carry. Lord it is sturdy you can see premium ivory genuine leather. Upholstery you can see plenty of four wood inserts overall interior quality's excellent amazing fit and finish. You can see the push-button start with white glow ring spacious football area steering wheel gets all controls you get advanced shift by wire technology and paddle shift on diesel only with one push you can on the ignition to start.


How to apply brake as well we can see cruise control switch as well this is the lane watch indicator switch by clicking it. You can turn on the lane watch that includes a dedicated camera.


The car accessories is amazing. You can see a lot of improvement about the accessories as it been discussed at cartotal123.com as well


We need the left or VM that will get activated and you get the display on the touchscreen system. The system will automatically turn on when you turn the left indicator as well. You can also keep it turned on by clicking the switch as well. That's a very useful feature which eliminates blind spots. You can see all digital information display the instrument cluster  digital even the fuel gauge is digital.


You get full information all details on the central instrument cluster that is just below the speedo antico meter. You can see all vital information including the radio channel detail that greatly reduces the distraction while driving a very clever thought from Honda.


Well appreciated the quality of steering, wheel is great you can see full rather wrapping. You can see the paddle shifter. This is thus 7-inch touchscreen system.


crv%202019.jpgYou get Android auto apple carplay but there is no inbuilt GPS you have to depend on your phone's navigation. The overall user interface could have been little more attractive. You get dual zone climate control for AC. The information comes on the touchscreen system. You can see the copper 12-volt power outlet you get 9 speed automatic transmission with advanced shift by wire technology.


Shift by wire technology is available only in the diesel. Trim electronic power Barry with auto brake hold that keeps a brake engaged to stop till you keep the foot on the brake you get very good stability assist having a jail handling our system. Several safety features are available.


Unfortunately there is no author of both operating. You can see the boot space. it's a bit limited because of the 3rd row seat you can see clever storage space underneath. Even the spare wheel can be seen we can see thus pricing all


This car gets 8 speaker system 180 watts headers for all three passengers are detachable. You can see dedicated AC vents on the roof. You can see the paradigm exam roof center armrest with cupholders rear AC vents nice space can be are disturbed by sliding the seat backwards and forwards.


That's very easy actually the car is very spacious on the board. The front as well as middle row back seat is only good for kids varied flat transmission tunnel conversation mirror that's very useful full LED illumination.


That's the sunroof control switch panoramic sunroof with Andy pinch

function so you are safe to have yourchild. No one touch tumbledown feature for the middle row seat that's ok because no adult is going to sit on the third row. It's meant for kids and luggage see folding. It is a bit tricky you can see the third row space is minimal short persons may try the third row but it is not advisable for long distance.


That's a Globox Twitter on the front door automatic dimming aya VM illuminated vanity mirror on both sides. Spacious armrest with plenty of storage space flower storage options even charging outlets are provided HDMI port is there overall the cars feet finishes great see the level of

attention yawn. That's an e cushioning the car comes in petrol and diesel

engine you can see the engine spec card and the fuel efficiency as well.